With our partners, we offer products and services that support our services in the area of data and network – data security, monitoring and managing business processes and storage capacity for your data. In collaboration with Quconsult we offer the Qurisk application in support of process and risk analyzes. For the security of your data and network, we use the most advanced firewalls. In cooperation with IMSolution we offer products for expanding storage capacity and security features.

Simplify and ensure control over your business operations by deploying Managed Hosting Services.

ICT Platform as a service:
As a Hosted Service Provider Add IT Solutions offers:
1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
2. IT Platform as a Service (PaaS)
3. IT Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
4. Virtual Desktop as a version. (Available as Cloud or On premises)

With our  “Hosted Services” you have 24/7 online access to a fully managed and secure virtual or physical hosting platform, housed in the private or hybrid Cloud solutions from Add IT Solutions.
The deployment of Managed Hosting services in your organization is cost effective, fully furnished to the needs of our customers. A compliant environment that grows without major investments and contracts with both your organization and the market changes.


Your business risks under control

Qurisk® supports the Risk Management Process Action (RAM). With RAM the appropriate actions are always carried out in a way that your projects and business processes continue to run smoothly.<br /> Qurisk® is a Risk Action Tool Control (RAC) used to support our action Risk Management Process (RAM) to prevent unexpected events with unpleasant consequences.</p> <p>RAC will add a layer to your processes to minimize the risks within your business processes to an absolute minimum and at the same time monitor this and make clear.</p> <p>Qurisk® is the application for your organization overview, insight and control over all risks within your business processes and projects. By investing responsibility in the right place in the organization, fostering collaboration within departments. The use of Qurisk® ensures that the explosion of risks is minimized of.<br /> A risk of explosion must be viewed as a number of risks that behind each other and / or occur simultaneously, cause catastrophic consequences, before you know.<br /> For more information:

Security Applications

The IMSolution SATA products are highly reliable and high-performance SSD solutions for security and industrial applications, including IPC, automation and surveillance. It provides not only very high sequential data transfer rate, but also the random transfer rate is excellent. Specially IMSolution has provided these SATA drives from a DRAM buffer. On request, we can guide you to the product that is the right choice for your organization.

Network and data security

Add-IT Solutions is, in collaboration with her partners, among others specialized in remote management and security systems with critical data, ICT applications and processes.<br /> Network security technologies protect your network against abuse of confidential business information. Without this protection your organization runs the risk of unauthorized intrusions, network downtime, service disruption, regulatory noncompliance and even legal consequences. Network security is not a method, but uses a set of barriers that defend your business in different ways. Protecting your organization's data and customer data is your top priority and this should be done under conditions that suit your organization. Our consultants install add a powerful "Next Generation Firewall" on the edge of your network exactly which security functionality when and where you want it. You get full performance, complete security - all on your terms and conditions.
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