Knowledge and experience

Add IT Solutions is founded by professionals with many years of experience in the ICT sector.
In today’s market, organizations have an increasing need for flexible deployment of qualified specialists.
We offer IT expertise to companies for all application areas and levels.
Our specialists focus on all segments within the maintenance and management of the IT infrastructure with in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of network and data security. With our consultants, we provide project management expertise, process- and program management expertise.

Our focus


Add IT Solutions provides consultancy on an interim basis for future-oriented companies, in particular to process- and program-, project- and test management, quality management, functional and technical management.

Security and remote services

Where other security methods stop or fail, our services and products continue. We feel at home in very complex environments where extraordinary security requirements are crucial. We specialize in information security, risk analysis, remote management and in monitoring systems 24/7.


Recruiting is a major focus of our business. Our professionals are certified in various areas and application systems at different levels, where cooperation and relationship with the customer is the key. For freelancers, we offer the possibility of placement by means of a project agreement. If you want to know more about all the possibilities, please call us at 079 799 9573 to plan a free consultation.

Hiring staff & selection process

We can help you with finding the right candidate for the job and have extensive experience in the recruitment process. Are you looking for a candidate who is the right match for your organization in terms of both knowledge and personal match, then you've come to the right place. The candidate will be screened and extensively interviewed by us so you are sure of the correct match. For any questions please contact us at: 079 799 9573 or via email at:
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